• Hackathon 黑客马拉松

    FinTech & Blockchain 金融科技 & 区块链


    [Date] 23rd March – 24th March

    [Venue] Shanghai, XNode ZhangJiang Space


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  • Brief Introduction of the Hackathon

    Since the publication of the "Bitcoin White Paper" by Nakamoto in 2008, Blockchain has played a major role in various industries and has gradually become a core technology for innovation and breakthrough.


    This hackathon is organised by Hitachi in hope to attract and challenge blockchain enthusiasts into creating excellent business solutions and improving the world based on the FinTech challenges:

    1. Information sharing

    2. Know-Your-Customer (KYC)

    3. Smart Payment

    4. Smart City

    5. Supply Chain Finance

    6. Others

    Development Environment

    Technology provider | Scry

    SCRY INFO can provide SDK for data exchange through blockchain, which can make it possible for developers to get faster and easier access developing DAPP. It mainly includes the following contents: data encryption and decryption, digital signature, smart contract, event notification, data storage API, data acquisition and query, digital currency payment, the third-party application payment API, etc.

    Hyperledger Fabric

    Technology provide | ParcelX

    ParcelX provides a fabric network which has multiple initialized user identities, and preloaded with a set of chaincode for
    1. Creating a parcel which is supposed to be delivered to a certain user.
    2. Transferring a parcel from one user to another
    3. Confirming the package is delivered.
    If the package is delivered in time, all the users participated in delivering the package will be rewarded with points. Users' points can be queried with preloaded chaincode.

  • Who can participate?

    All partners with the applications of blockchain in the field of FinTech can participate. The Organizing Committee recommends, but is not limited to the following:


    a. Startups

    b. Blockchain developers

    c. University students

    d. Personnel related to the financial industry


    Why participate?

    1. Winners will receive prize money from Hitachi:

    · First Prize(1 group):30,000 RMB

    · Second Prize(1 group):20,000 RMB

    · Third Prize(1 group):10,000 RMB

    · Hitachi Prize(1 group):10,000 RMB



    2. All participating teams will have the opportunity to exchange ideas with Hitachi and Hackathon's committee during the competition and obtain potential business collaboration opportunities after the competition.


    3. Winners will also receive prizes

    sponsored by Scry (Technology Provider):
    · First prize (1 group): 10,000 Scry. info (DDD), one scooter
    · Second Prize (1 group): 6,000 Scry. info (DDD), one scooter
    · Third Prize (1 group): 3,000 Scry. info (DDD), one scooter

    *Scry. info (DDD) will be used to aid the subsequent development of winning works on Scry Depot

  • Timeline of events


    Registration Phase

    7th March - 20th March

    During the registration phase, you will need to register as a team or individual and provide relevant information. After receiving your application, the Hackathon's committee will communicate with you and confirm your participation on 20th March.



    1) Team registration: Please ensure that your team has a member who can communicate and speak fluently in English.

    2) Individual: Please fill in the registration information in detail according to the requirements, so that the Hackathon's committee can arrange a group for you.


    Confirmation Phase

    20th March

    All teams or individuals who are qualified will receive a call and email notice from the Hackathon's committee. Please ensure that your email and mobile phone will be available on 20th March. After confirming, please arrange your own itinerary to ensure that you or your team will be able to attend the Hackathon Day.


    Hackathon Day

    23rd March - 24th March

    3F, No.800 Naxian Road, Pudong, Shanghai

  • Mentor | Jerry Yang

    Global Strategic Initiatives, ConsenSys China


    Jerry is the core member of ConsenSys China Strategic Initiatives and venture architect for Great China Area. He and his team work on advisory, consulting and venture building which includes clients of Governments and Enterprises in China.

    Prior to joining ConsenSys, Jerry has various professional experiences across 3 different continents. He has worked as a VC which was focusing on Blockchain, AI and IOT, and the Consultant of a cross border e-commerce platform in China. He worked as entrepreneurship instructor and Mentor of one of the largest Pan-African incubator in Ghana. He also worked as developer/Engineer in Several tech companies in Canada, such as AMD(Semiconductor), Centro Inc(AdTech), and Freckle(IOT Startup).

    Jerry holds a Bachelor of Computer Engineering from the University of Toronto.

    // Speaker Expertise

    Enterprise Blockchain, Blockchain Use Case, Blockchain for Smart City

    Judge | Masa Kogure

    Founder and President, TABLE FOR TWO International


    Masa Kogure is the founder and President of TABLE FOR TWO International, a Japanese organization that promotes public health on a global scale by simultaneously addressing hunger in the developing world, and obesity and other lifestyle-related health issues in the developed world. When a healthy TABLE FOR TWO-branded meal is purchased, 25 cents of the proceeds is used to feed one child in the developing world a healthy school meal. When buying a TABLE FOR TWO-branded meal, one does good for oneself and for another less fortunate. Millions of school meals have been served to date in Africa and Asia thanks to over 600 corporations, government offices, schools, restaurants, and convenience store chains implementing the program in their company cafeterias and establishments. TABLE FOR TWO now has a presence in 10 different countries. Masa is the author of "Connecting the World With Twenty Yen" which won “the Best New Writer of Business Books” in 2009. He has been selected as “48 Heroes of Philanthropy” by Forbes magazine, and “Outstanding Social Entrepreneur in Asia” by Schwab Foundations. While serving as the representative director of TABLE FOR TWO, he spends time advising ConsenSys, US based leading blockchain company, in their building go-to-market strategy and operating base in Japan. He worked at McKinsey & Company as a management consultant and served more than thirty different companies in Japan, Europe and the U.S. He received a Bachelor’s in Engineering from Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan and a Masters of Engineering from Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia.

    Mentor | Hikaru Takahashi

    CTO at Couger


    Development of systems for large-scale users at Rakuten. Specialized in backend system development handling millions of daily access. Development of online games at Square Enix, etc. Ongoing development of combined AI and Blockchain.

    Mentor & Judge | Kazuaki Ishiguro

    Chief Blockchain Architect at Couger


    He is the Chief Blockchain Architect at Couger, and the Japan Regional Head of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. Kazuaki started his programming career as a DJ in nightclubs in Hollywood, creating music and video content for live music. After returning to Japan, he worked as a software developer at CTI Startup. At Couger, Kazuaki currently leads blockchain development within the Connectome project, which is designed to become the next generation of ubiquitous interface. The Connectome team aims to bring the world of Blade Runner to life by working with AI developers and designers around the globe. In addition, Kazuaki was recently invited to speak about virtual human agents at Stanford University.

    Judge | Soh Wan Wei

    Head of Content Strategy at Connectome


    She is the founder of IKIGUIDE: Singapore's First Mainstream Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Portal. She is also a media specialist who has interviewed more than 100 C-Level Executives, ex-presidents, ambassadors and entrepreneurs globally. In 2017, Wan Wei was the first and only Singaporean selected by the Prime Minister's Office to helm Finland's 100th years of independence project. Wan Wei graduated with a Masters in Corporate Communication from Aalto University School of Business and a Bachelor Degree in Economics with Honours from the National University of Singapore.

    Judge | Huawei Kong

    The head of Shanghai Institute of Computing Technology Chinese Academy of Sciences


    The head of Shanghai Institute of Computing Technology Chinese Academy of Sciences, founder of italk, National Startup Mentor

    To do Research and industrialization in High performance computing and Grid computing operation system in Institute of computing technology (ICT), CAS from 1998.

  • Hackathon Schedule

    XNode ZhangJiang Space


    Corner of Naxian Road and Zhongke Road

    2 min walk from Zhongke Station Exit 2 (Line 13)

    3F, No.800 Naxian Road, Pudong, Shanghai



    步行二分钟可至地铁13号线中科路站 2号出口



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    Organizing Committee






    “To contribute to society through the development of superior, original technology and products” - has been Hitachi’s corporate credo since its foundation in 1910. Under this credo, Hitachi is committed to its Social Innovation Business as a way to contribute to resolving societal issues which are becoming increasingly global and complex.

    Our vision is to investigate challenges facing society and customers together with the stakeholders, and together identify ways to resolve the issues. By drawing on our vast experience and technology in societal infrastructure and information technology built-up over many years, we will provide the optimal solution.

    The Research & Development Group is responsible for leading “collaborative creation” with customers. Specifically, a three prong approach is being taken: “customer-driven innovation” whereby research is conducted close to customers to identify and resolve challenges through such means as Hitachi’s unique service design methodologies; “technology-driven innovation” creating innovative products through the optimal combination of technologies, and “vision-driven innovation” to pioneer new areas guided by a creative vision and through open innovation.

    An important platform to enable these three types of innovation to dynamically interact and promote Hitachi’s Social Innovation Business, is big data. By collecting and analyzing big data from equipment and people on-site, new value can be generated by altering the components in the operation. Hitachi has abundant experience and know-how fostered over the years as a leading company in information and control technologies, as well as technology from experience in building societal infrastructure. This broad range of technologies, knowledge and experience will be leveraged to challenge issues and develop innovative solutions for a better future.






    ConsenSys is transforming the present digital architecture toward a more open, inclusive, and secure internet of value, commonly called Web3. With a more trustworthy internet architecture, we are helping individuals, enterprises, and governments unlock new business models and value, gain efficiencies through a shared IT infrastructure, and utilize cutting-edge cryptographic methods to safeguard private user data. We accomplish this through our unique global business developing the Ethereum blockchain, comprised of a startup incubator, Enterprise Ethereum consulting arm, and investment fund.





    Couger is bringing together the disruptive power of AI, IoT, AR/VR, Robotics and Blockchain. These technologies can be viewed as a human body. IoT is like the five senses that collect information. Blockchain is the nerve and blood system, transmitting reliable information. AI is the brain that collects and processes the information and makes decisions. Robotics and AR/VR is like the body that carries out the decisions.


    Couger is partnered with Connectome in developing a unique new system that combines these various technologies. The vision is providing new, AI-powered, intelligent services and solutions to companies, organizations and individuals around the world built around a ground-breaking virtual human agent (VHAs) platform.


    Couger has a proven track record of successful technology development, including multiple top selling online games in Japan, South Korea and US, technical consulting to the Amazon Robotics Challenge, providing an AI learning simulator to Honda, and the development of Cloud Robotics for a Japanese government-backed AI research project.

    Powered By

    Hitachi Consulting




    Hitachi consulting is a leading provider of global management consulting and IT technology consulting services with more than 25 years of consulting industry experience and over 6,500 experienced professionals in 50 countries.


    Headquartered in Dallas, Hitachi consulting has offices in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, global research and development centers in India, China and Vietnam, and big data research and development laboratories in the United Kingdom and the United States.


    Hitachi consulting is a subsidiary of Hitachi group with a history of more than one hundred years. Adhering to Hitachi's pioneering and innovative spirit and integrating the resources and capabilities of various subsidiaries of Hitachi group, Hitachi consulting is committed to providing customers with world-class professional solutions and delivery services.

    XNode | Startup & Corporate Accelerator

    XNode | Startup & Corporate Accelerator



    We believe that in China today, successful innovation is a direct result of agility, speed and collaboration. Through continuous iteration, lean methodologies and by truly opening up – innovation can be brought to the market much quicker.


    We empower innovators by building connections between startups, government, corporates and academia.


    Startups are always looking for ways to scale through corporate assets, customers, channels and their brand. Corporates, on the other hand, are eager to innovate quicker with more impact.


    XNode exists to bridge this gap. Bringing together the best of both worlds. Empowering innovators to create new innovations at lightning speed.

    Takumi Innovators

    Takumi Innovators



    Takumi Innovators works closely with XNode, a leading player in Chinese startup and innovation support, to provide various services like co-working spaces that help Japanese venture capital firms succeed in China. Takumi Innovators has already supported multiple Japanese venture capital firm-backed startups by providing a range of services including fundraising, partnership scouting, human resources, manufacturing, sales, media exposure, marketing, legal support, financial services, and accounting services.


    Takumi Innovators also provides innovation consultation services that help accelerate the corporate innovation processes of Japanese and Chinese corporations. Through services like corporate acceleration programs, hackathons, pitching events, learning expeditions, startup scouting, and more, Takumi Innovators uses open innovation to bridge the gap between corporations and startups.

    Technology Providers





    SCRY.INFO is the world's first blockchain-based quantifiable data exchange platform for real data storage, validation, sharing, analysis and trading. Based on its built-in smart contracts, SCRY.INFO provides cluster-based smart data validation for distributed users across industries, as well as enables access, tools, transactions and sharing on the SCRY platform. SCRY.INFO also provides smart contractual agreements related to a specific industry/event to market-based customers and developers, which can be applied in a variety of commercial data scenarios in sports, entertainment, agriculture, financial markets and other prediction or trading markets.



    ParcelX aims to create a cross-border parcel delivery ecosystem where anyone or service provider can trust and participate through revolutionary blockchain technology. We are creating a new Blue Ocean market with blockchain technology.

    It will remove inefficiency, data opacity, and high costs from one of the world's oldest industries:cross-border logistics.

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