• FAQs

    What is XNode?

    We are a platform of tech innovation in Shanghai. We consider ourselves a tech startup that owns and uses physical space (our hardware) and develops an ecosystem that accelerates startups growth, providing resources and assets for their growth (our software).


    We are at the crossroad that builds bridges between institutions, corporations, startups and tech lovers to foster innovation and synergy.

    What does startups get when they join XNode?

    Startups take advantage of an incredible and vibrant ecosystem designed for them, with easy access to a diverse portfolio of resources.

    They also get desks and offices in prime locations in Shanghai, at a very competitive rates, with corporate-standard office amenities.

    What does XNode's community look like?

    Hybrid of local and international entrepreneurs, with tech squad, marketing firms, financial professionals, and various industries in the mix, all with several things in common: dreaming big, profoundly passionate, disciplined and always wearing a smile…

    What are your main strengths?

    We are deeply rooted in China, but very open to the international community. We have government support which is valuable in China, and we have an influential network of corporations, institutions and startups in our region.

    Tell me more about your demo day...

    Once every two months, XNode holds a pitching day where we bring 6 promising startups from XNode and the outside ecosystem, to pitch their businesses to VCs.

    What is XNode's relationship with corporations, institutions?

    Our team has experience with corporations, with several coming from that world. We understand their mindset and their needs. Many have approached us wanting to help them connect with startups or change their mindset to embrace innovation. An amazing and challenging experience!


    Institutions like us because we know how to build bridges, facilitating communication between stakeholders from different backgrounds. Shanghai is supporting us to build this innovation bridge with the rest of the world, and we are honored and happy to achieve such a high and exciting goal.

    What is your business model? Are you a private company?

    Space rentals help to cover our costs, but revenue come mainly from our different stakeholders by creating these so called bridges. Yes, we are a private owned company.

    How can I apply to join XNode?

    Just send us an email telling us your story. Impress us !

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